Crackerjack Consulting

Website Maintenance and Security Plan

The website management and security plan is designed to keep your website safe, secure, and performing at its best. This plan ensures that your website technology, functionality and content is up to date and backed up regularly to help avoid potential down time, hacks/attacks, and allow for prompt restoration of your website back to its most recent backed up state should any fatal errors occur. Without a system such as this in place a fatal error could occur on your website, and result in loss or damage to the website and its content.

Additionally, your website management and security plan includes 5 hours (noncumulative) of support, bug fixes and website additions such as basic pages and content*.

This plan is perfect for website owners who do not have technical knowledge or an in house technical team and want to ensure their website is maintained, secured and performing at its best.

*Website development requiring new functionality or large scale design is not included within the 5 hours maintenance.